A more personalised hospital experience.

Our specialised private hospital facilities offer the ideal environment for doctors to perform their best work, and allow our staff to provide you with a personalised level of care during your visit.

Note: This website has nothing to do with "Universitäre Altersmedizin FELIX PLATTER" in Basel. If you are looking for their website, please visit www.felixplatter.ch

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Established in 2005, we have grown to become a leading provider of private medical, surgical, mental health, rehabilitation and community services.

Our Patients' Peace of Mind Pledge

We understand that attending a hospital can be an anxious time for many people, especially in the current climate.

This experience has allowed us to develop a patient care pathway that adheres to all the latest government guidelines and maintains a safe clinical environment for both patients and staff.

Day and short-stay surgery

Return to everyday life as quickly and safely as possible.

Real people, real care

Our nurses go the extra mile to make you comfortable.

Leading surgeons

With our support, your doctor can focus on your care.


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Patient stories

At Gosford Private Hospital, we are committed to making your experience the best experience. We value who you are and how you are, because it's personal.

Sedation is wonderful! I felt no pain, had a much quicker recovery, and no sickness after. I went walking around the local market only a few hours after the operation!


Breast Augmentation, Budapest